Fall Fair Mystery Artefact

What Was It?

Fall Fair 2014 Mystery Artefact

A Cigarette Holder

     Popular in the 1920's and '30's cigarette holders  came in a variety of lengths and designs. They were made from many different materials including: amber, tortoise shell, ivory, silver and gold etc. This one has a reed shaft and bone ends and was donated the museum in 1975.

    The most popular answers were: pipe, whistle, ear wax cleaner, tree tap, bubble blower, blow dart, honey dipper and a musical instrument. Thank you to all those who took part, we look forward to seeing you next year with another interesting object.


 Fall Fair 2013 Mystery Atefact

"Sugar Shears" or "Sugar Cutter"
Before sugar existed in the form of cubes or grains it was produced as a large cone known as a sugar loaf. To be of any use the sugar loaf had to be reduced in size. This was achieved with the use of sugar cutters. They were hand held and used rather like a pair of scissors. The cutters were made from iron or steel and could snip small pieces of sugar from the larger sugar loaf.