Temporary Exhibits

We have four temporary exhibits:

Alberni Outboards: The Cole Collection

Mr. Cole, former owner of our local Port Boat House, collected vintage outboard motors through the years. His collection ranges from the 1914 model of the Evinrude to the much later model of the 1969 Yamaha outboard. Another part of the Cole collection are several British Seagull models.  These motors were unique as they kept the same design over 60 years. This collection was donated to the Industrial Heritage Society and then generously loaned to us so that we may present this exhibit.

Navigating the Graveyard

The Pacific Ocean is a treacherous and harsh environment with thousands of shipwrecks up and down the coast. Navigating these dangerous waters has been no easy task over the last few hundred years. Discover the permanent exhibit in the Hutcheson Gallery, which presents the history of navigation through the tools and equipment used by sailors to help them find their way and chart their course. The exhibit will also examines the exploration of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island Lighthouse

Our lighthouse exhibit explores the history of Vancouver Island’s maritime safety beacons, including the people who lived on these remote islands and some of their unique experiences. Make sure you get the chance to sound the foghorn and learn a little more about local maritime history.

The Uchuck Vessels and the Lady Rose

Turn back the clock to a time when the principal means of transportation along the West Coast were ships.

They carried anything that would fit on deck, including machinery, supplies, and people. The Uchuck Vessels and the Lady Rose were fixtures of the Alberni Inlet and the Barkley Sound area for decades. This exhibit explores the different vessels, the crew, and undeniable mark these vessels left  in this area which is even still visible today through the MV Frances Barkley.